Dear English-speaking readers,

Welcome to my website! I am Alexey Chumakov, a strategist, a project/programme manager, a business trainer, a facilitator, a project management consultant. IPMA Level A certified, PPMC certified. Also, I have deep background in IT and IT management, and extensive international experience.

Currently, I am focused on demand driven techniques for general and strategic management, project / programme management, and IT management, which currently form the D3 approach.

I am open to any interesting programmes, projects, and management situations of high complexity. And, of course, you could invite me as a speaker to some management event.


Here on the website you can find in English:

Currently, you can see my professional profile or join English-speaking discussions on LinkedIn.

Рlease feel free to send me a message, no matter what the (management) question is!

Warm regards from Moscow,